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All free accounts come with 1 GB of space. Need more space? Try our Standard Premium account and get 1 GB storage. Need even more? Try our Extreme Premium Package and get 1 TB of storage. Whether you just want to upload a file for free anonymously, or by registering an account, WeShare offers you long term reliable storage you can depend on.

Send Large Files

Got a file too big for email? No problem. Upload files as big as 50 GB, from your PC, Mac, Smart Phone and more. No need to install any software. You can also enter an email address when uploading a file and have the file directly emailed to a person.

Sharing Your Way

You have the option of deciding what files you want to share with the public, family or freinds. Everything can be private giving you complete control over your files/account. Set passwords on a file. Upload your photos, videos, songs and more!

Accessible Anywhere

We offer full support for mobile, tablet, and desktop access. Your work can be accessed from anywhere, any device, any time. With a simple web browser you will always be able to store and check on your account. Upload multiple files at once with ease for free.

Secure Encrypted Transfer

Documents such as business plans or other sensitive files should be protected. Your data is securely transferred to our servers avoiding any data snooping or MiTM attacks, enabling you to upload worry free and focus on more important things.

Why you should use WeShare to store and share files with friends and family

Register your own account in as little as 60 seconds. An account gives you the ultimate in control, power and security. With an account, you can expect:

Enterprise Grade Hardware

We maintain only the best hardware, consisting of multi-core processors with 64+ GB of ram to host your files on.

High Performance Network

All accounts and files are hosted on our high-performance network located in various countries around the world, providing lightning-fast downloads and uploads.


100 % Uptime & Support

We take pride in the level of service and support that we offer. Your files will be accessible 100% of the time, with technical support just a click and query away.

We Host 560,759 Files and Counting!

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Our Plans offer extreme flexibility. Choose from from Free or Premium!

You don't need an account to upload files. You can upload anonymously, or register a free account and keep track of them. If you want your files to stay indefinitely or be exempt from being deleted, upgrade to Premium

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  • Disk Space None
  • Max File Upload Size 55.99 MB
  • Data Transfer Unlimited
  • Advertisements Yes
  • Speeds Limited /sec
  • Inactive File Expiry 2 Days
  • File Management Interface None
  • Premium Info

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Free Plan
Account with limitations

  • Disk Space 1 GB
  • Max File Upload Size 104.97 MB
  • Data Transfer Unlimited
  • Advertisements Yes
  • Speeds Limited /sec
  • Inactive File Expiry 2 Days
  • File Management Interface Yes!
  • Premium Info

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Premium Plan
Account with many benefits

  • Disk Space 1 GB
  • Max File Upload Size 1.65 GB
  • Data Transfer Unlimited
  • Advertisements None!
  • Speeds Unlimited
  • File Expiration Never
  • File Management Interface Yes!
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Your files available from any location, any internet connected device

With so many features, WeShare is your ideal service and solution for sharing, storing, or downloading files. Our service is simple, powerful, and extremely reliable.

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