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Why you should use WeShare to store and share files

Brand new design

We've revamped our site to be not only desktop but now also mobile friendly. We wanted to take the previous experience that people loved so much, to make it even simpler, more useful and more enjoyable.

Handy features

Simple drag & drop interface, practically no file size limit, unlimited bandwidth, no wait times to download a file (guests), remote uploads, no registration required, folder creation and linking and much more!

Continual Updates

We're committed to constantly improving our website and service. Feel free to contact us at any time to suggest any features or ideas you may have.

Share files with Friends

Got a file you want to send to someone? No problem. Just upload it on weshare and copy and paste the link to the person you are chatting with! Better yet, make a folder that is public and link them to the folder! Put any number of files in there. A single link for multiple files! Registered users only.

No Wait times

We don't make anyone wait (i.e 60 seconds) to download a file. With WeShare you can download the file straight away with relatively fast speeds, and of course much faster speeds for premium!


Get download stats and other information such as country and date/time location for all your files! Handy for reviewing how much money you have earned with your downloads.


The kind of file hosting you can rely on

WeShare was created by Internet enthusiastis to fill the void in finding a reliable site that allows you to share and stream media with friends and family without costing an arm and a leg. You can upload a file without even registering! Its in your favor to do so though!
Whether you're a student looking to showcase your work, a professional looking to attract clients, or a graphic artist looking to share your projects, WeShare is a perfect delivery system to faciliate your sharing with an unlimited amount of people.
What are you waiting for?